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September 13, 2007


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I found you through my sister in law's Blog, Mica from Garb-oodles Soup.

This apron is "OUT OF THIS WORLD"...i am just Now learning to sew, and so excited about making an apron for my daughter and i. But, this my dear...is darling as can be...I just love it!!

Thank you so much for this inspiration to continue, and not give up!!

Feel free to stop by my blog, and see the fabric, I am going to be making the aprons out of. If you have any cool tips for me, please do share...Thanks a bunch!!



Super cute apron! I love that fabric! I love Dick and Jane too,I swear I had a book with those exact illustrations when I was little(no I am not quite as old as that might seem--the book was pretty darn old back then). good luck at the show! Thanks for the Utah love, I have been really homesick and onery this week!

jessi nagy

that apron is darling!!!!!
so cute.
and heck ya you should wear all that stuff. after all you an "artist" ha ha. it would be really funny!
jessi nagy


Love the apron! So adorable! Did you make the tiara too? If so, you'll have to give me a tutorial. I just love it!!!


Yes, Amy! I would love to give you a Tiara Tutorial :) So easy and fun :) Hope you have a great time this weekend!!


I LOVE THAT APRON!!!!! Dick and Jane rock! (did I just say that?) Well they do and so does that apron design. A funky pocket and pom pom trim. It's the best. The crowns are pretty darn cute too and I think your wedding shoes would look GREAT with that skirt. DIET COKE AND CHOCOLATE? I'll be right over!


I adore that Dick and Jane apron, love the material. It's so CUTE!!!
:) Bren


Chef Bren

Are you making any aprons like this for your Etsy shop?
It is truly adorable. :) Bren

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