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February 4, 2009


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3 sticks of butter? Did I read that right? lol.... I think I'll try this, it looks fabulous. Can I put this recipe on my blog? (giving you credit of course...)


Hi Cheryl,

Yes! Can you believe this? I was almost embarrassed to put that on----good
grief! They are wonderful though, so I figure since I'm having yogurt as we
speak......it will cancel everything out :)

Of course you can post any of my recipes, I have more on my blog under
recipes :)

Have a sweet day!



Now this looks good, I love cherries and eat the pie filling out of the can! Yeah, I know, gross. Thanks for the recipe :) Jen

Lisa Kettell

OMG I love anything cherry from gum to cupcakes and chocolate covered, love it all! This looks amazing!

Magic and Joy!


Look at that precious little face in your last photo! Love it!!!


Dawn Gold

mmmm these look munch!!! gotta try and make.
That is a happy face to brighten my day x

Gabrielle Mader

Yum!!!! I love cheeries...and ya bigger butt squares for sure....I'll be trying those out too.

melinda cornish

these look soooo good! Fun blog you have! Melinda


I just used your recipe last night, except I subbed 1 c whole wheat flour, 1 c oats, and 1 1/2 c regular flour. Delicious!


Sounds wonderful with the oats...I will have to try that :) Thanks for visiting!

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